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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 13:22:06 -0600
From: Dirk Cushenbery 
Subject: Favorite Song of (pcd)

Favorite Song of All  -  Phillips, Craig, & Dean
>From the album: Phillips, Craig, & Dean (1992)
Transcribed by: Dirk Cushenbery (

Verse 1:
He [Eb]loves to hear [Ab/Eb]wind sing, As it [Bb/Eb]whistles through the [Ab/Eb]
pines on mountain [Eb] peaks.

He [Eb]loves to hear the [Ab/Eb]raindrops, as they [Bb/Eb]splash to the ground
in a [Ab/Eb]magic melo[Bb]dy.

He [Ab]smiles in sweet approval, As the waves crash to to the rocks in
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Cre[fm7]ation joins in unity to sing to Him majestic sympho[Bbsus]nies.[Bb]

But His [Eb/G]favorite [Bb/G]song of [Ab]all, is the song of the re[cm7]deemed.
When lost sinners now made [Bb]clean lift their voices loud and [Eb]strong.
When those purchased by His [Ab]blood, lift to Him a song of [cm7]love,
There's nothing more He'd rather [Bb]hear, nor more [Ab/Bb]pleasing to His
[Bb]ear as His [Ab/Bb]favorite song of [Eb]all. {eoc}

It's not just [Ab[melodies and harmonies that captures His attention.
It's not just [cm7]clever lines and phrases that causes Him to stop and listen,
But when [fm7/Ab]anyone set free, washed and bought by Calvary begins to


Verse 2:
He [F]loves to hear the [Bb/F]angels as they [C/F]sing "Holy [Bb/F]holy to the
[F]Heaven's choirs in [Bb/F]harmony lift up praises to the great I [C]Am.
But He [Bb]lifts his hands for silence when the weakest saved by grace begins to
And a [gm7]million angels listen as a new born soul sings, "I've been