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All Is Well Chords

Standard Tuning, Key of D, 6/8 Time 

Intro tab: 
E|-------------------------------------------------------------| x2 for intro

Intro chords:
Bm  G  D  A

Verse 1: 
        G                A
Hear the heart of Adam's prayer 
       G               A
In the hold of Satan's snare.
             G         Asus    Bm
But there is hope, and grace will tell: 
         G          A      D
God has a plan, and all is well. 

Verse 2: 
      G             A
Every son of Adam's race
         G               A 
Felt the grip of Satan's chains; 
         G         Asus    Bm 
When the Lamb came to Earth's cell, 
             G           A      D
He broke the chains, and all is well. 
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       Bm           G
All is well! All is well!
           D            A 
Praise the Lamb! All is well! 
             G       A         Bm
He holds the keys of Death and Hell! 
      G       A          Intro on first time through, second time hold a D. 
Jesus reigns, and all is well! 

Verse 3: 
       G            A
To the cross I will come,
         G        A
A sinner weak and undone. 
         G         Asus      Bm
God will break the tempter's spell, 
           G        A      D
And I will sing for all is well! 


        G           A        (Bm or D)   A
We sing hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah! (4x) 

Verse 4: 
          G              A
With this cup, with this bread, 
   G              A 
We proclaim Your death. 
              G          Asus Bm
The cross was raised and evil fell; 
          G         A      D 
Death has died, and all is well! 

(Chorus) x1
       G                D/F#         A
All is well! Praise the Lamb! All is well! 
             G       A         Bm
He holds the keys of Death and Hell! 
      G           A      G 
Jesus reigns, and all is well! 
G           A           Bm       A
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 
        G           A           Bm       A   reslove to G 
We sing hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hope this helps! God bless