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Cannons Chords

Hey all... I saw Phil play at Creation both on stage and in the worship tent. He is an
talent and a great songwriter. This is a simplified version of 'Cannons' off of the new
Sometimes he does it in alternate tunings, but this is simple and in the Key of G. If 
want to hike it up to his range you can put a capo on the 2nd fret, but this a good safe
for those of us who can't hit the notes that he can. It's not the way it is on the CD, 
it works. Enjoy!!!

Cannons by Phil Wickham

Intro (Gadd5 Cadd9 Em D)

      Gadd5            D
Itís falling from the clouds
   C                 Gadd5
A strange and lovely sound
  Em7            C            D
I hear it in the thunder and rain
      Gadd5          D
Itís ringing in the skies
      C             Gadd5
Like cannons in the night
    Em7           C        D
The music of the universe plays

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          Gadd5         Cadd9
(singing) You are holy, great and mighty
    Em                    D
The moon and the stars declare who You are
   Gadd5             Cadd9
Iím so unworthy, but still You love me
   Em                  D                    Gadd5 (Back into Intro Riff)
Forever my heart will sing of how great You are

Gadd5          D
Beautiful and free
     C          Gadd5
The song of galaxies
      Em7            C              D
Itís reaching far beyond the Milky Way
     Gadd5             D
Lets join in with the sound
   C                Gadd5
Címon letís sing it loud
       Em7           C        D
As the music of the universe plays


(Intro Riff) x2

    Cadd9         Gadd5    Em7     D
All glory, honor, power is Yours (Amen)
    Cadd9         Gadd5    Em7     D
All glory, honor, power is Yours (Amen)
    Cadd9         Gadd5    Em7     D      (G) -back
All glory, honor, power is Yours forever, Amen