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Cannons Chords

This is not the way Phil plays it, but it's the way I lead it for worship. This is an 
worship song! And if you have time check out my tunes God Bless!

CAPO 2(Not same as cd)

Intro(Chord riff)
A, b(2), E
b(2), E, C#m
A, a(2),
b(2), E, A
(Verse 1)
Itís falling from the clouds
A strange and lovely sound
 Bsus                     A
I hear it in the thunder and rain
Itís ringing in the sky
Like cannons in the night
Bsus                      A
The music of the universe plays

[ Tab from: ]
         E            C#m
Singing, You are holy, great and mighty
    Bsus                A
The moon and the stars, declare who you are
E               C#m
Iím so unworthy, but still you love me
Bsus                 A
Forever my heart will sing of how great you are


(Verse 2) E, C#m, Bsus, A
How beautiful and free
Itís the song of galaxies
You reaching far beyond the Milky Way
Letís join in with the sound
Come on letís sing it loud
As the music of the universe plays

(Bridge) A, C#m, Bsus
All glory, honor, power is your amen(repeat)

(Chords for riff)
   A           a(2)         e(2)
0002200      0002100     0079900

 b(2)         C#m
007980       0046600

(Chords for chorus and verses)
  E            Bsus         C#m
022100       0024400      0046600