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Somewhere In Between Chords

                  VERSE 1:                    

G                D             C
Sometimes I forget that I remember

Am               G             D
Sometimes I hold on then I let go

G                D             C
Sometimes I fight then I surrender

Am               G             D
Losing you's been harder than you'll ever know...

C         G           Am         D
I'm just caught here halfway there

C                  D
I'm hanging in mid-air...


D              G
Somewhere in between

            D         Am
In the middle of the darkness and the light

            G         C
All I can see is the hazy grey

Between the black and white
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C                           G
I'm not laughin'   I'm not cryin'

         Am              G
I'm not livin'  I'm not dyin'

         C                              D
I'm not flyin'  and I'm not down on my knees

C                           D
Till I'm over you I'm gonna be      stuck

                   G D C     G D C
somewhere in between

                  VERSE 2:

G              D           C
Funny thing about your memory

Am                G          D
Is how it takes me by surprise

G             D           C
Suddenly it sneaks up on me

Am                G               D
comes around and cuts me down to size

C             G     Am   D
There's a crossroad up ahead

C                   D
I'm just not there yet