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Rose Boquet Chords

               VERSE 1:
G                  D 
We were something, you and me

C              G       C      D      Dsus4
Yeah we had'em rollin' in the aisles

G                     D  
We got it right once, didn't we?

C                   G      C       D    Dsus4
We had our shot and missed it by a mile

Bm         C      D   Dsus4
Forget the bitter end

Bm      C        D 
Can you remember when?

G        D
We sang, we laughed

C                   D 
They all watched us dance

G            D
They circled around us

    C          D
And toasted to forever

   G         C
We played to win
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   G          D 
We never gave in

       Am       Em  C    Cmaj7 Dsus4
And we threw it all away

C         D    G 
Like your rose bouquet

               VERSE 2:
G                    D
Passion flows like a long white gown

C                 G            C    D     Dsus4
But it ain't easy to keep your love alive

G                         D
We hoped each other would come around

C                         G      C         D    Dsus4 
We'll use the lessons for better luck next time

Bm               C        D    Dsus4
But how sweet it was back then

Bm     C        D 
Do you remember when?

               CHOURUS (2 Times)