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Gone By Dawn Chords

::Verse #1::
F    Bb C
F    Bb C

F                              Bb        C              
So much for finishing what we started
F                                     Bb        C
But don't take it personal if I'm not broken-hearted
Bb         Amin                  Bb   
I've had enough, I'll sleep you off
Your memory ain't so tough
Right now I'm hurtin
But one thing's for certain you'll be
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F             C                        
Gone by dawn, out of my way
Bb               C                      
Out of my heart, out of my face
F                 C                    
And into my past, out of my hair
Bb               C                      
Off of my mind, into thin air
    Bb            Amin                     
And I might just drive all night long
    Gmin  Gmin/Bb  C                           
But you'll be gone by dawn

::Verse #2::
F    Bb C
F    Bb C

F                                       Bb    C
Who cares if this means starting over?
F                                    Bb       C 
Tonight I swear I'm gonna shrug you off my shoulders
Bb                 Amin                    
We made mistakes, hey that's the breaks
Bb                    C                 
But now for heaven's sakes
Now don't worry about me
I'll be fine and you'll be

::Repeat Chorus::

I'll be out of my misery
You'll be ancient history
And I'll be on my feet again
Yeah, I'll be on my feet again

::Repeat Chorus:: (vocal adlib)

::Repeat Chorus:: (instrumental solos)

::Outro:: (repeat & fade)
F Bb C