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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:05:51 PDT
From: John Dachik 
Subject: o/ochs_phil/passing_of_my_life.crd

The Passing of my Life
by Phil Ochs

All verses are the same.

Intro: G D Em
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G                                         C                   G
I've seen rivers red with blood I've seen valleys filled with mud
G                       A7             D
I seen stormy seas that pound upon the shore
I've seen mountains strewn with bones
          C              G
I've seen people without homes
G                     D             Em
And it's all with the passing of my life

    D                        G    G/F#    Em
And as I see the fury of the fire and the flame
  A7                         D
I wonder if my children will have to see the same

- John Dachik