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A Groovy Kind Of Love Chords

I was thinking this song needed doing somewhere as I couldn't find any decent version on 
net and I am of course not going to pay so I eventually got up off my ass to do it 
(the last 5 minutes or so).
I'm a pianist only by the way so chords are all I can do here - sorry lovelies. Now THIS 
worth at least 1* :
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Intro: G  D/G  G  D/G
When I'm feeling blue
All I have to do
Is take a look at you
Then I'm not so blue
When you're close to me
I can feel your heartbeat
                  C             D
I can feel you breathing in my ear
Wouldn't you agree
             D/G                      G      D
Baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

[Second verse the same]

Bridge = verse sequence in A rather than G (I'm sure you can transpose as I can't be 

[3rd verse as 1st but in A]

Then there are repetitions of "groovy kind of love", the last of which before the 
is not simple A but something like:

 E/A                        D/F# [or] Dadd2/F#
We got a groovy kind of love

D/E             D/F# [or] Dadd2/F#       D/E

D/F# [or] Dadd2/F#       D/E

                         A - make it extra cheesy by adding in the 2nd.
We got a groovy kind of love.

|Right hope that was confusing enough, if I'm wrong drop me a line at 
and I'll remove it. Merci salut la visite.