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Reaching Nirvana Tab

Song : (Reaching) Nirvana
Artist : Phenix
Album : Through the Spitfire and My Backyard EP

one guitar plays the chords and the other picks the notes of the chords.

verses :

Am F Am C* Am F C G7 

Chorus :

Am F G Dmaj7 C  (the second and third time play D after the last C)

chords :
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Am: e-0  F: e-0  C*: e-0  C: e-0  G7: e-0  G: e-0  Dmaj7: e-0  D: e-2
    B-1     B-1      B-1     B-1      B-1     B-3         B-3     B-3
    G-2     G-2      G-0     G-0      G-0     G-4         G-0     G-2
    D-2     D-3      D-0     D-2      D-0     D-5         D-4     D-0
    A-0     A-3      A-3     A-3      A-2     A-5         A-5     A-0
    e-x     e-x      e-3     e-x      e-3     e-x         e-x     e-x