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Big Brat Bass Tab

Artist: Phantom Planet
Song: Big Brat
Written by: Mel 

D|------------------------ repeat 16 times
A|-5-5-5-5----------------  every other time take off the
E|--------1-3-1-3-1-------  last 1 and dont play

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D|------------------------  repeat           
A|------------------------   change 6/5/6 ending to just 5 and 
E|-5-5--5-5--5-5--5-6/5/6-    do the same as the beginning


D|-0-3-2-5-3-7-5-1/2/1----  if you prefer to change some of                
A|------------------------    it to the G string you can but its 
E|------------------------     easier for me this way

     play four times

just keep listen to the rhythem and keep repeating

enjoy -:C)