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After Hours Acoustic Chords

E    (022100)
Am   (002210)
A    (002220)
B    (X24444)
Abm  (466444)
C#m  (X46654)
A*   (577655)
B*   (799877)

Tabbed by: James Narey
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E        Am   A    E
Watching everybody leaving,
                B          Am    A
I tell myself, "Looks can be deceiving."
        Abm C#m     A*      B*  
Oh, I'm hoping that I'm not dead right
Abm        C#m    A*   B*
This after hours, afterlife
Abm     C#m      A*     B*    A  E  A  E A E
I'm not ready to die in style to-night.
Tried to follow you out,
B             A
But I did not know where you'd be leading on,
E                                B                  A
And you might think people don't live through being dead wrong.
E                              B                  A
Well I guess that your parents must have raised a themselves a strictly pious daughter,
'Cause you move through this crowd
B                 A
Just like parting water.

       Abm   C#m
Oh you dress so nice
A*           B*
You dress to kill
Abm       C#m
They drop like flies
A*            B*      A  E  A  E  A  E
But who's the funeral for?

A    E           A        E              A    E      B
Afterwhile these hot, hot nights can turn everything sour
    A           E           A      E             B
Oh, I know it's not hard to get in trouble after hours.

A  E  A  E  A  E