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From: devastator mike controller 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 13:36:16 -0400
Subject: more liz phair tab
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never said:
easy!! more e shape barre crds, slid up and down the neck.
play the bottom 3 strings
# in parentheses = fret to play crd at, see prev post
  (3)     (5)   (8)     (10)
  G5      A5    C5      D5     repeat a thousand times
alternate forms for a little spice (i noticed these crds from 'closer to 
fine' work perfectly)...
e--3-(0)--3-----3-------3--  take your fingers off the top 2 strings to get
B--3-(0)--3-----3-------3--  that alternating high low sound.  if that 
G--0------0-----0-------2--  doesn't make sense, play it & you'll see what
D--0------2-----2-------0--  i mean...
the short solo...
"don't even care about it..."
                   1*        2*                          (-3x-)  3*  4* 
                        1* = full bend
                        2* = play G string while it is still bent, sounds 
                             like 9th fret is being played.  then release
                             back to 7th fret.  
                        3* = i can't do this bend so i cheat and slide
                        4* = vibrato...wiggle da string
that's it!
jeff k