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By Myself Chords

Intro: C#m    B    A       C#m   B    A    D  (also music bridges and 

*on all except the D (pretty much), strum inside four strings only

C#m        B                 A
Cornered at a costume ball
C#m        B                A
By a handful of disguises 
C#m        B            A
So I tried them all on
A                      D
And they were all the right sizes
C#m        B             A
I wore them obliviously
C#m                   B                    A
Though they would choke the life from me
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F#m                    A
I got here by myself but
C#m                      A(the bar one)   F#m
I know that I will never leave the same way
A                       F#m
I got here by myself but
How many more will I have led astray    

C#m                  B             A
I work the floor in search of someone
C#m                 B                     A
Who would give me half a chance
C#m             B             A
I know if I look hard enough
D                             A
I'll always find someone who'll dance

(chorus; then music bridge)

C#m            B              A
It's not long before I notice
C#m                 B           A    D
There are no doors to be seen
C#m              B         A                 
I can see I'm going nowhere
D                        A          C#m
Somewhere that I've already been

(chorus 2x; then ending)