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(A6add9 B x3) G#m A B (A6add9 B x3) A F#m G#m 
(A6add9 B x3) F#m G#m F#m (A6add9 B x4) 

D   C#   B  A  D   E   F#  D  D   C#  B  A  D   E   F#  D 
I'm all ready, I'm all ready, I'm all ready, I'm all ready
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A             Bm     A
Tonight could be the last time
I see the stars shining on me
A                  Bm
If it's so I won't run
    G        F#
It's already done


A               Bm
To go when it's time
A                      F#m
I lost myself long ago only to find and
A              Bm
My loss was my gain
  G        F#
With you I remain


(A6add9 B x4) A Bm A F#m A Bm A F#m A E (A6add9 B x4)

A                  Bm
I'll live and I'll love
A                         F#m
Take less than I give for I have enough
A               Bm
Believe that in time
G          F#m
You'll see that I'm

Chorus x2