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Run To Me Chords

G      D         Em       C
Do you ever feel afraid
G      D         Em       C
Of the world outside your walls?
G      D         Em       C
Do you ever feel scared
G         D           Em       C
When your whole world falls?

G     D     Em     C (2x)

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G      D
Run to me
    Em               C
And I will hold your hand.
G             D     Em     C
I'll make you feel okay.
G        D            Em     C
And I'll show you the way.
G        D    Em            Em
Set your feet back on solid land.

The day that your world caved in

You didn't know why.

He's left you now

And all that you can do is cry and wonder why.

That's really about it. It's only 4 chords, and I usually do a cool pick pattern with it.  Give it a shot, and best of luck.