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House In The Woods Bass Tab

From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: HOUSE IN THE WOODS by Mr. Tom Petty

House In The Woods
by Tom Petty

This is the complete and official transcription of this song by Tom Petty 
done by me.  It is the thirteenth song off of -Wildflowers-.  This was
probably one of the first songs I grew to love on the album.  It took me a
while to figure out this song but after figuring it out, it is interesting 
to look at the chord changes which speaks of Tom Petty and his simple yet
grandiose songwriting approach.  I have done the bass tab for it because 
the bass line walks during the second half of the verse.  The basic bassline
(with the chords on top) is:


   F     C      Eb    Bb     Dm    Am     C     G      

G ------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
D -3----------|-1----------|-0----------|------------|------------|
A -------3----|-------1----|-------0----|-3----------|------------|
E ------------|------------|------------|-------3----|-3-----3----|

               (BASSLINE 2)

                F     C      Eb    Bb     Dm    Am    C      G

G ------------|---0-2------|---0-3------|------------|------------|
D ------------|-3-------0-2|-1-------0-3|-0-2-3------|---2-0------|
A ------------|-------3----|-------1----|-------0-2-3|-3----------|
E -3-----3----|------------|------------|------------|-------3----|

G ------------|------------|
D ------------|------------|
A ------------|------------|
E -3-----3----|-3-----3----|

The single guitar note that is played is just this:

E -1-----0----|------------|------------|------------|
B ------------|-4-----3----|-3----------|-1----------|
G ------------|------------|-------2----|-------0----| (all notes are
D ------------|------------|------------|------------|  vibrato, of course)
A ------------|------------|------------|------------|
E ------------|------------|------------|------------|

[ Tab from: ]
Those are the single guitar and basslines for the verse.  The song begins 
with bassline number 1 and plays it two times.  Then when Petty starts 	
singing, bassline number 1 is played once then bassline number 2 is 	
played.  Then the chorus follows which is:

   C     G      C     G      C     G      Em    A      C     G

G ------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
D ------------|------------|------------|------------|------------|
A -3---2-----2|-3---2-----2|-3---2------|-------0-2-4|-3---2-----2|
E -------3----|-------3----|-------3---2|-0-2-3------|-------3----|

   C     G      C     G      Em    A      D

G ------------|------------|------------|------------|
D ------------|------------|------------|-0----------|
A -3---2-----2|-3---2------|-------0-2-4|------------|
E ------3-----|-------3---2|-0-2-3------|------------|

After that part, the song goes back to another verse and another chorus.
After the second chorus, the guitar and bass plays the riff on the
A and D strings like (I will call this Riff X):

E ----------------------------|
B ----------------------------|
G ----------------------------| (As you may notice, I have no measure lines 
D -0------------------------2-|  so just play it like how you hear it)
A -----0-2-3---0-2-3--0-2-3---|   
E ----------------------------|

Play this part repeatedly (I think four times then the song goes into a 
slight verse instrumental and back to the chorus and then back into the 
verse.  These are basically the tabs for the song. 

(I think the song goes back to Riff X then continues on ad infinitum
into the ever famous verse chords)

The chords, if you are wondering, for this song are:

     E A D G B E
F    1 3 3 2 1 1
C    x 3 2 0 1 0
Eb   x 6 8 8 8 x
Bb   x 1 3 3 3 x
Dm   x x 0 2 3 1
Am   x 0 2 2 1 0
G    3 2 0 0 3 3
Em   0 2 2 0 0 0
A    x 0 2 2 2 0
D    x x 0 2 3 2

(Comments and email will be greatly appreciated.  Until the next time.