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Fooled Again (solo) Chords

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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 95 17:01:56 EDT
From: Winston Campbell 
Subject: FOOLED AGAIN (I Don't Like It) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Fooled Again (I Don~t Like It)
(words & music by Tom Petty)

The intro and verse chords are A, C/A, D/A played in this manner:

   A    C/A  D/A
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E ----|----|----|
B -2--|-5--|-7--|  
G -2--|-5--|-7--|   (you play, A, C/A, D/A, D/A and improvise a bit on the
D -2--|-5--|-7--|    repeated D/A chord a bit)
A -0--|-0--|-0--|
E ----|----|----|


   D     G  A         D     G  A                D     G  A

E ----------5~------|-------------------------|----------5~---|
B -7p5---8----------|-7p5---8-----------------|-7p5---8-------|
G -----7------------|-----7-------------------|-----7---------|
D ------------------|----------7~---------7-7-|---------------|
A ------------------|---------------9p7h7-----|---------------|
E ------------------|-------------------------|---------------|

         G5   C5-G5  (hold the G5 chord and stress the bass G note)

the solo appears again after this and the song fades out with Petty screaming
and the intro and verse chords going