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Mystery Babylon Babylon Queendom Chords

Mystery Babylon
Peter Tosh
Tabbed by: Shane Cash

This song is found on "Scrolls of a Prophet". It is a previously unreleased verion of
song Babylon Queendom. Tosh is awesome and this is a great, simple song. Chords are D, G,
A......skank D twice, and the other two once each. If you listen to the song it will be 
to figure out. Enjoy!

            D    G           A
Mystery Babylon, Your Queendom has
          fallen (to the ground)
           and Ra'ab, a Ethiopa is callin'
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Verse I:
Gimme back mi gold, mi ruby and diamond x2


Send my sons and daughters back home
All them who call out jah jah name x2

Verse III:
Take back ya pound, ya schilling and dollar
take back ya chink, ya roach and mosquito x2

Riff 1 (played during verse 3 after lyrics are sung)