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If I Had A Hammer Chords

So I was looking for the tabs to this song because I havent played it in years and was 
at the tabs I saw. C#m? really?  This may be transcribed, but this is the way I play it, 
I think it sounds 5000 times better and is much easier to play than any other tab I've seen.

C Em F G (played every measure, its quick chord changes, like so:
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C Em F G         C Em F G                   C Em F G
      If I had a hammer,   Id ring it in the mooooorning

For the last G before the chorus, play it as

                  C C
Its the hammer of justice (or whatever)
Its the bell of freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom
                 F    C          F               C
Its a song about love between my brothers and my sisters
F      G           C Em F G
Alllllll over this laaaaaaaaaaaaaand