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Hurry Sundown Chords

Peter Paul and Mary - Hurry Sundown
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh

capo @ 1st fret

Intro: Am

           Am       G            Am
My seed is sown now, my field is plowed.
   G        C       G            C     G
My flesh is bone now, my back is bowed.

         F  C    D           Am
So hurry sundown; be on your way.
               F - G            F       G       C
And hurry me a sun-up from this beat-up sundown day.
           D      G            C
Hurry down sundown, be on your way.
           F     G         C    (Em  Am)
Weave me tomorrow out of today.

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           Am          G               Am
Tomorrow's breeze now, blows clear and loud.
    G      C        G              C        G
I'm off my knees now, I'm standing proud.


          Am        G               Am
My sorrow song now, just must break through.
     G         C       G          C         G
That brave new dawn now, long overdue.


G            C       G           C
  Hurry down sundown, get thee begone.
C7                D                G
  Get lost is the sunrise of a new dawn.
             C      C7             F
  Hurry down sundown, take the old day,
             C          F           C
  Wrap it in new dreams, send it my way,
F            C   F           C
  Send it my way, send it my way.