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Garden Song Chords

Based on Peter, Paul and Mommy too version(Children's music concert version)


D            G      D    G          A           D
Inch by inch row by row  gonna make this garden grow

G            A         D     Bm  Em          A7
all it takes is a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground

D            G      D    G             A           D
Inch by inch row by row  someone bless these seeds I sow

G            A                       D          
someone warm them from below til the rain comes tumbling down

D             G           D      G           A         D
Pulling weeds and picking stones we are made of dreams and bones

G          A       D       Bm     Em           A7
I feel the need is to grow my own til the time is close ahead
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D               G       D    G         A       D
Grain for grain sun and rain I find my ways in nature's chain

G      A        D     Bm    Em           A7
I tune my body and my brain to the music of the land


D                   G            D    G
So, plant your rows straight and long and temper them 

A           D        G            A        D
with prayer and song mother earth can keep you strong

Bm       Em       A7       D
and give her love and care there was an old crow watching

G      D    G        A        D
Hunger leaf from his perching yonder tree

G            A      D    Bm      Em            A7
In my garden I'm as free as that feather theif up there


Song by: David Mallett Performed by: Peter, Paul and Mary