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Hit Song Chords

			     Hit Song - Peter Murphy
Tabbed by: Myself

Guitar has slight distortion and echo.

Intro: E, C#m, A, B

Verse: E, C#m, A, B

E             C#m    A   B
Walking in the street, Breath the only friend

Leading into the verse variation, the last chord of the verse is changed to a C, so:
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E           C#m      A           C
Stranger to myself, a stranger, Stranger till the end

Verse Variation: C#m, B, A
C#m   B            A   
   Behind the closed door, The one we painted green

Chorus: E, C#m, A, B

E        C#m     A         B
Wash my face in fields of green 

Bridge: E, F#m, G

The last chord of the bridge before it goes into the chorus is changed from a G to an E.