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All Night Long Chords

	           All Night Long - Peter Murphy
Tabbed by: Myself

Tuning: Standard

Fairly simple, just a few different chordal variations.

Intro Chords: Gm, F

Gm                          F
When the night is closing / eyes are running wild

Verse Chords: Gm, Bb, Gm, Bb, Cm
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Gm                           Bb
The city's paved with cold / playboys buying fun

Gm                         Bb                        Cm
Seems there is no hunter / left without his hunting gun

Chorus Chords: Gm, Bb, Cm, D, D#, F

Gm                       Bb
Can you feel the light / the air is wide open

Cm                           D        D#   F
Oh you see the light it's / coming through

For the bridge, use the intro chords.