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In Your Eyes Chords

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

You know, I am never satisfied with tabs. I always feel like they can be played better or differently. 

Here is my version:

Verse Chords

Bm:      Dsus:    G5:
e--0--   --0--   --0--
B--3--   --3--   --3--
G--4--   --2--   --0--
D--4--   --3--   --0--
A--x--   --x--   --2--
E--0--   --x--   --3--

Dsus is a quick transition between Bm and G.
[ Tab from: ]
Bm        Dsus        G5     Bm
love I get so lost, sometimes
Bm          Dsus            G5           Bm
days pass and this emptiness fills my heart
Bm        Dsus        G5     Bm
when I want to run away
Bm        Dsus        G5     Bm
I drive off in my car
Bm        Dsus        G5     Bm
but whichever way I go
Bm        Dsus        G5     Bm
I come back to the place you are

Bridge Chords:

Asus:     G6:
e--0--   --0--
B--0--   --0--
G--2--   --2--
D--2--   --0--
A--0--   --2--
E--x--   --3--

Asus2                    G6
And All my instincts, they return....

Asus2                    G6 (hold)
I reach out from the inside...

Chorus Chords: