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Dont Give Up Chords

Capo 3rd fret

Am                                                       C
In this proud land we grew up strong we were wanted all along
        G                                    Am
I was taught to fight taught to win I never thought I could fail
 Am                                            C
No fight left or so it seems I am a man whoes dreams have all deserted
                G                                    Am
Ive changed my face Ive changed my name but no one wants you when you lose

  F        C      F         C      F        
  C           G
Dont give up cos you have friends dont give up your not beaten yet
  F        C   Am             G
dont give up I know you can make it good
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  Am                                          C
Though I saw it all around never thought that I would be affected
             G                          Am
thought that wed be last to go isnt it strange the way things turn
  Am                                     C
drove the night toward my home the place i was born on the lakeside
             G                                   Am
as daylight broke I saw the earth the trees had burnt down to the ground

  F        C      F         C   F        
C           G
Dont give up you still have us dont give up we dont need much of anything
 F        C        Am                G        C
dont give up cos somewhere theres a place we belong

 C         G                  C                   G
Rest your head you worry too much its gonna be alright
 C                                F                    C   G
when times get rough you can fall back on us dont give up please dont give
 C                             G                      C
got to walk out of here I cant take it anymore gonna stand on that bridge
         F                    C                 G
keep my eyes down below. Whatever may come whatever may go
           C                 G
let river flow, let rivers flow

  Am                                            C             G
moved onto another town, tried hard to settle down for every job
so many men so many men no one needs