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Do You Feel Like I Do Bass Tab

"Do you feel like I (we) do" - Live

Peter Frampton - "Frampton's Camel"

Midi File: ???? (I have no idea where you can find one)

This is very riff driven rock, so I will break the song up into parts
just in case you are interested in a certain part.

Riff One: This part is mostly played by guitar, but it sounds
no different on a bass. (Note that the 10's and 12's are 10
and 12 fret's, not 1's, 0's and 2's.

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Riff Two: This is the main riff, when Frampton is singing.


Riff Three: This is the riff played when Frampton does all
the talkbox tricks with the guitar.


There you go...enjoy! (by the way, tuning is regular, i.e.