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Song: Lose You
Album: Musicforthemorningafter
Artist: Pete Yorn
Tabbed by: Dingle

I was surprised by everyone complaining about this song not being in the right key on 
and yet no one really got it right.

The album version of this song is a half-step DOWN.
Some live versions like Live in NJ is a half-step UP.

Here are the very basic chords he uses over and over again in the song.  You can very 
throw in Dsus with the D to make it go along with the melody more.

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Piano Intro (Album Version)

These chords are played over and over till the end.  Some lines are repeated so just 
along with the song to figure it out.  Enjoy.

G    Em   D    C

Am   Em   G    D

G    C    G    C    Em    C    D