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Just Another Chords

song: Just Another
artist: Pete Yorn
album: musicforthemorningafter

intro: C  to Am (walk up and down)
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C               Am
You and I we're two of a kind
C                            Am                     Dsus2
I hate to say it but you'll never relate what makes you tick
F               C
It makes me smile
C                           Am
You said that I should get away from it all
C                        Am                    Dsus2
And bury my head in the sand if I want to...I think you
F                 C
Should thank me now

          F                        Em
You were lying wide awake in the garden
F                         Em
Trying to get over your stardom
    F                      Em
And I could never see you depart us
               G                           C      (to Am repeat)
And you're my're just another girl

I never mind the way I had to see ya
My working on a day show never explains why I see you
And I feel your pain

I love to wear my work inside of my head
I can't complain but you should never react the way you did
I feel your time