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Better Days Chords

this is my first tab ever but i think it's ok. it's not in the original key. i made it 
this key cos it was easier for me to sing to.
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Bb              F
  And I saw it coming
           Am           Dm  C
I saw emptiness and tragedy
Bb                  F
  And I felt like running
So far away
    Bb     C          F
But knew I had to sta-ay
Bb                    F
  And I know when I'm older
       Am                          Dm C
I look back and I still feel the pain
Bb                   F                 Am
  I know I'll be stronger and I know I'll be fine
        Bb   C        F
For the rest of my da-ays

F C Bb
      I've seen better days
F C Bb
      Put my face in my hands
F C Bb                F             C
      Get down on my knees and I pray to God
Bb                    F             C   Bb
  Hope he sees me through till the eeeend