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Better Days Chords

All of the tabs I have read are wrong. This is how he plays it on the video clip:

Capo 1

Verse 1

F		C
And I saw it coming
	Em	      Am	            C/G (C major with G as the bass note)
I saw emptiness and tragedy
F                        C
And I felt like running
So far away
Then knew I had to stay
		F                             C
And I know Iím older
	Em                              Am         C/G
I look back and I still feel the pain
F		                             C	                                   Em
I know Iíll be stronger and I know Iíll be fine
For the rest of my days


         C		Em	Am	C/G  	
Iíve seen better days
	F	   C	Em	Am    C/G
Put my face in my hands
        F                   C                 Em      Am  C/G
Get down on my knees and I pray to God
	F	C                    Em        Am  C/G
Hope he sees me through to the end

Verse 2
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F	         C
I notice most things
           Em	         Am   C/G
But I didnít notice the change
F		C
It was hot in the morning
Then it turned so cold
Towards the end of the day
	         F                               C
There was no conversation
          Em	        Am  C/G
I just felt like I was in space
F	       C
I needed my friends there
I just turned around
You were gone without a trace



F		C
Now I have just started
	Em		Am   C/G
And I wandered on to the end
F		C
Thereís nothing I have lost
	Em		        (strum)
That was once placed upon my hands
F		C
And all of these hard times
            Em		Am   C/G
There fading around the bend
F		C
And now that Iím wiser
I cannot wait till I can help my friends

Chorus x 2
F	     	C             Em        Am	C/G               F				
Seen better 	Na	 Na 	Na Na Na Na Na 		 	 

C             Em        Am	     C/G                    F				
Na	 Na 	Na Na Na Na Na 	

C             Em        Am	C/G                         F				
Na	 Na 	Na Na Na Na Na 	

C             Em        Am	  C/G                        F				
Na	 Na 	Na Na Na Na Na