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Judy Chords

Judy by The Pernice Brothers   
from "Yours, mine and Ours"  Track#7 (Capo 5)

I have a problem with the bridge, any help is welcomed. tx

C             Em         Am       Em F         G
Tonight is long, the television's on, so soft, so low
C          Em             Am            Em     F       G
She feels a scream, we'll be an emerald green, So close you sleep
Am          Em               F                           E  
And I don't always mind  The quiet that it brings
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C        Em          Am               Em   F        G
So let's pretend our lives will never end, somehow, some way
Am          Em                F                      D  
And I won't always mind , the certainty it leaves in doubt
      Dm                  F             C Em Fmaj7  G   
The quiet danger, strange to stranger
C        Em      Fmaj7  G   (2X)
Tell her that you saw me  
C                           Em                Fmaj7
Would you please, would you please, would you please?
  ??                     C      
There's somewhere in her song
   ??              C        ??              F 
You hardly move at all like both of you are gone
C Em Fmaj7 G  (4x, Bridge)
C               Em      Fmaj7  G (Repeat)
Tell her that you saw me