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Little Light Chords

Never tabbed a song before but I couldn't find these anywhere.
I watched a youtube vid of some kid covering it so I could watch his
hands so I'm sure this isn't how Max plays it. But it sounds okay, you
get the idea. Please revise them if you want, I'd love to know how to
make it sound better.

   Esus4   E5   Db  Esus2
e |---0----0----x----x----|
B |---0----0----0----0----|
G |---9----9----9----9----|
D |---9----9----9----9----|
A |---7----7----7----9----|
E |---5----0----9----0----|

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It pretty much does this sequence throughout the entire song....

   Esus4    E5     Db    Esus2    E5  |  Esus4    Db    E5    Esus2    E5   Repeat x2


    So please believe...
|--5---5-----5---0---0-----0---9---9-----9-----|   something like that idk.

Then it goes back up to the verse chords.