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Emral Garden Chords


  Bm            G
  Woke up about 6 in the mornin'

  D       Dsus4     A
  Steal away to my emral garden

  Bm          G
  He's blown away from the night before

  D          Dsus4        A
  There's no use knocking at his door

  Bm5                  G5
  Emral  garden its my secret garden
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  D5                       A5
  It's where i go just to get away

  Bm5                       G5
  Don't feel no pain, don't feel no sorrow

  D5                            A5
  No thoughts of today, none of tomorrow

Additional verses:

    Emral garden is just a haven
    Where my darkest secrets dwell
    But slowly, oh so slowly,
    They make the place a living hell

    Now i realize, that the garden
    Is just a utopia of my mind
    Now i rest in quiet comfort
    Leave my angry horror behind

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