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To do the intro make the A chord then press your
 finger on the string in the right fret.

This diagram is from top to bottum on the neck.


 E           Am               E
How do you think I could make it
 E           Am            E
Without you here every second?
 E          Am            E
You know I'll always need ya
 E          Am               E
To love and help me all the way.
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 Am                        E
I'll need you when I'm sleep'n'
 Am                    E
I'll need you when I'm home.
 Am                         E
I'll need you to watch over me
Every time that I'm gone.


    A5      E       A          D5     G           E
And I've got this friend you see who makes me feel
E      A         D5    G               E
And I wanted more than I could I steal
       A          D5    G              E
I'll arrest myself I'll wear a shield
         A           D5   G        A      G#  G5
I'll go out of my way to prove I still
          A        G#  G5
Smell her on you

(End Chours)

 And thats all I have for now I'll send the rest in tab and in chords when
I figure it out.
Cody Fleetwood