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From: (Juha Kivij{rvi)
Subject: CRD: Don't Dictate (Penetration)

This song has certainly not been requested, but it is a great song
anyway so I decided to post it.
Another reason is that I didn't quite get all the lyrics and there's
probably errors so if anyone knows the correct lyrics, please post!
Also if you think there's something wrong with the chords (for example,
I'm not sure whether E chords should be major or minor), tell it!
And here we go:

        DON'T DICTATE   by  Penetration

intro:  E   C D  (4x)

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E    D      C              D
Penetrating voice is going through my head
E         D             C          D
I have to listen to the thing that say
E      D             C     D
Always ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? the answers
E         D          C    D
Who wants suffer the consequences

A     G  F         G
Don't between that two
A        G     F       G
Right or wrong it's no answer
A     G       F       G
Don't tell me what to do
A       G          F        G
It's my choice I'm taking a chance yeah

E   C D  (4x)

   G              A              C
   Don't dictate  Don't dictate  Don't dictate dictate to me   (2x)

...and the same again.

                                                  Juha Kivijarvi