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2am Chords

"2 AM" from album "Kowtow"

Intro: chords during sax solo
Cm G# Cm Bb
Cm G# Cm Bb
G G7 Cm Bb
G G7 Cm Bb
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Cm	 G#
It's 2AM and it's raining again
Cm                       Bb
And I'm feeling tired in my heart
G                       G7
And I can't shift it out again
Cm               G#
And I know about the way it feels
G                      G7
And I know just what it entails
Cm                              Bb
And we take our positions on the firing line
It's nearly time
G#                 Cm                           Bb
It's raining again and I feel like I'm playing a part
Cm         G#        Cm                   Bb
From the start and I feel like I'm taking apart
G                    G7
The way it's been going
When their money can talk and the rain won't stop
And your glory days have taken a beating
Stick around for your fortune and fame
Put your hours in the bank of no interest claim
Cm                               Bb
In '49 when the gold rush came now it's 1987
Bb            Cm
Some things never change
Cm      G#          Cm            Bb
Talk to me insecurity as it bleeds me
Cm                     G#
But got this fire that burns
G#                          Cm
Got a heart that just never learns
And the fortune and the fame
Cm      Bb
Looking back upon the days when the band couldn't play
G        G7
Take it all
   Cm      Bb       G         G7
So wake up stay up you look wonderful
Cm      Bb
Wake up stay up
Cm                                   G#
Got a bitter little cocktail of our weaknesses and faults
Cm                                         Bb
And we trampled it in the mud till it was emotional pulp
Cm           G#
It's 3AM and it's raining again
Cm            Bb
And I'm feeling tired
Felt a little bit lucky, had a cease-fire for the night
My magazine was running dry

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