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Nick Chords

By: Pegtop

This is one of my fav songs, and this is actuly a christain band
that started in my church. i think there pretty cool! if ya'll
wanna know more, ya'll can drop me a note at 

All in all it's a pretty easy song, standard tunning and you can capo 
it anywhere to get the key you want.

Have fun ya'll!!

D             A              G               A
Everyone who knows her says she brings them joy.
D                 A             G    A 
Some of them have known her for years,
G                             D            A
But not everyone knows about her favorite boy,
G                         D A G 
Not everyone knows of her tears.

A                                  G
Frozen lake, naked maple afternoon moon,
A                           G                   
Robin sings “spring coming soon,”
A                                                       G
She remembers him she yearns and turns the photo album page. 
                                      D                 A         
Emotions stirring vision blurring she stares across the lake and cries

D                              A 
Nick, are there any arms where you are?
G                        D            A 
Any arms to hold you as close as mine would.
D                               A
Nick, are there any arms where you are?
G            A       D
Any arms as open as mine.
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D                 A             G           A
If you watch her run she’ll be keeping her stride,
D           A          G      A
Holding herself like a champion, 
G                                D        A
So you might not see what she’s keeping inside,
G                       D  A     G
She’s holding on to her precious son.

A                            G
Family, tragedy, nine years ago,
A                          G
Nick not quite four months old.
A                                         G
Sudden death lack of breath no one knows why.
                                          D                   A
She thinks of him every single day and on certain days she’ll cry…

D                                  A
Nick, could there be a heart where you are, 
G                                      D              A
Like the heart that keeps pumping your name though my veins?
D                                   A
Nick, could there be a heart where you are,
G                               A         D
Could there be a heart that is broken as mine?

D          A             G     A          
Nick, you are my morning star. 
D           A        G      A
I long for us to embrace.
D          A                 G     A
And I think I know where you are.
D            A             G      A
My son, now you save us a place.
D               A              G                   A 
Oh, my son, now you save us a place right next to you
G                           A     D         A     G 
And we’ll join again in the arms of God.
A           D
Oh my Nicholas.