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Priests And Paramedics Chords

D                                      Bm
Paramedics brave and strong
Em     G             	     A
Up before the break of dawn
D                                Bm
Putting poker faces on
Em     G             	     A
Broken bodies all day long
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Em           G             	       D
The neighbors heard the fight
Em            G         D
Someone had a knife
Em                G             D
It must have been the wife
Em              G                A
Husband's lost a lot of blood
Em                  G                           A
He wakes up screaming oh my god
                      D                        Bm
Am I gonna die, am I gonna die?
               Em                G                            A
As they strapped his arms down to the sides
                    D                                          Bm
Times like these they've been talked a lot
                   Em   G                        A
Buddy just calm down you'll be alright

D                                              Bm
Several friends came to his grave
Em                G                      A
His children were so well behaved
D                                      Bm
As the priest got up to speak
Em             G                 A
The assembly craved relief
D                                   Bm
But he himself had given up
      Em                G                        A
So instead he offered them this bitter cup

Your gonna die
We're all gonna die
                    Em      G
Could be twenty years
Could be tonight
D                                     Bm
Lately I have been wondering why
                  Em               G
We go to so much trouble
       Em                      G
To postpone the unavoidable
           Em              G                    A
And prolong the pain of being alive