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Big Trucks Chords

Artist: Pedro the Lion
Song:  Big Trucks
Album:  It’s Hard to Find A Friend

Verse 1:
D                   G       D
Dad dad why did you let that man
G        D           A
push you around like that
                            G            D
you should have beat him down
G                     D
down to the ground
G                   D              A
down to the ground for that

             G                      D                       Em       D           A
he said son you’re still young and you always jump the gun

[ Tab from: ]
G                                      D
there’s real people in the big big trucks 
       Em                                G
that you flip off when they get in your road
        G                                D                                            
you get so hacked but you pay no mind 
           Em                                       G
to the great big sign that says oversized load
G                                      D 
you really think they can go as fast
    Em                       G
as you in your ’87 trans am
G                                   D
they know you’re in a terrible rush
             Em                 A
they’re going just as fast, as fast as they can

Verse 2:
Dad dad I really don’t understand
What driving big trucks has to do with that man
You should’ve taught him a lesson about being rude
About talking to you with such an attitude

Intro/Outro Riff (may not be exact, but it works pretty well):

Song Structure:
Intro x4
Verse 1
Intro x2
Verse 2
Intro x4

There you go. A simple yet great song by a great band. Good luck-Eaaabbeeemn(cmpfirekansas)