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Trouble Chords

Trouble, as covered by Pearl Jam (originally by Cat Stevens).

Pearl Jam plays this song (at least at the Dead Man Walking Benefit)
one step lower then the Cat Stevens original (e.g. CS played the verse
G, D, Am, C; PJ plays it F, C, Gm, A#).  I guess it's to fit Eddie's
amazingly rich, deep voice.

Oh, and these are the words as Eddie Vedder sang them at the Dead Man
Walking Benefit, only slightly off from the original.  The lyrics are lined up almost
exactly with the chords (well, for the first verse and chorus).

I'm almost positive that this is how it's played, except maybe a note or two.
Any comments or corrections are appreciated though.


(F5) F            C
     Trouble, oh trouble set me free
Gm        A#                     Gm                A#
  I have seen your face and it's too much for me today
(F5) F            C
     Trouble, oh trouble can't you see
Gm                 A#                       Gm                 A#  (Riff)
  you're eating my heart away and there's nothing much left of me

[ Tab from: ]
   D  G   F         C                   F          C
   I've  drunk your wine, you have made your world mine,
   (F)          Gm                    A#
so won't you be fair, oh won't you be fair
   D  G            F        C		        F       C
   I don't want no more of you, so won't you be kind to me
                Gm                   A#
just let me go there, I have to go there


Trouble, oh trouble move away
I have seen your face and it's too much for me today
Trouble, oh trouble can't you see
You have made me a wreck now won't you leave me in my misery


I've seen your eyes and I can see death's disguise
hangin' on me, oh hangin' on me
I'm beat and torn, I'm shattered and lost and worn
too shocking too see, too shocking too see


Trouble, oh trouble please be kind
I don't want no fight and I haven't got a lot of time

Riff:   e ----------------|
        B ----------------|
        G ----------------|
        D ----0-----------|
        A -3-----1-----3--|

	F5:  133xxx
	F :  133211
	C :  x32010
	Gm:  355333
	A#:  x13331
	D :  x0032x  (It's actually called D5/A or something...)
	G :  320033

-Guillermo Letona