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I Am Mine Chords

Pearl Jam

Tabbed by Stef K. October 3 2002

This is not the album version of the song as the album isn't out yet, I got a
random live version on mp3 and tabbed this out from that.  Please note that
Eddie is a notorious mumbler and the lyrics I've posted are the best that I
could discern from the track.  Tuning is standard E.  Enjoy!!!

Intro Riff -(x4) end on A

  Dm                                                                 A

Dm       F           C           G
Selfish, they're all standin' in line,

Faithin' and hopin' to buy themselves time;

Me I figure as each breath goes by,
  F    G       Dm
I only know my mine.
[ Tab from: ]
    Dm          F               C           G
The north is to south, what the clock is to time,

There's east and there's west and there's everywhere life;

I know I was born and I know that I'll die,
     F     G      Dm
The in between is mine;
F  G   Dm     D
I am mine.

         G          Amsus2      D
*And the feeling it gets left behind,
        G         Amsus2      D
Oh, the innocence broken with time;
      G         Amsus2     D
We're different behind the eyes,
There's no need to hide;
                D  Dm
We're safe tonight.

(Intro riff)

The ocean is full cause everyone's cryin'
The full moon is lookin' for friends at high tide
The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow's denied
I only know my mine
I am mine.

*Chorus x1

(Intro riff)

*Chorus x2
End on an A

Alternate "broken with time" with "broken with lies"
3rd time leave out "We're safe tonight"
4th(last) time leave out "There's no need to hide"

This is an easy tune with simple strumming. Have fun!!