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Hard To Imagine Tab

"Hard to Imagine"
by Pearl Jam

         (A)                                                 (B)

   A     A       A        A                    D  B  A   C        


bare with me..this isnt really organized that great..
the tab above is basically just the little riffs Mike McCready plays
or at least what you can play..they are not exactly correct..but you
can always just fiddle what feels right..

For what i've labeled (A) in the tab.. you just fool around and play that
little riff i gave.. no need to just play the same over and over again
add little hammer ons and pull offs and different switches.. while
the rhythm is basically just the chord A strummed over and over again
listen for the timing.. sort of strum slow then fast then slow and let it
linger through out the verses.. then when it gets to the transition on
part (B) play D B(?) A C and then that little riff i gave.
and thats about it.. until it changes to the "things were different then"
part.. which is just G and A back and forth.(you can add little harmonics
hammerons pull offs, whatever you like)
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here is the lyrics with chords.. this song isnt perfect.. words and tab
I'm 17 years old and only been playing a year so don't expect much
but when i play it..i think it sounds ok.

A        A      A           A
Paint a picture Isnt all in gray
A        A        A        A
light your pillow lay back watch the flames
A        A        A      A           
I'll tell a story but no one listens that long
A        A           A        A
it's hard to imagine it's hard to imagine


D B(?) A C

D B(?) A C

Tear upon us all the days are long
Fly the meadow lay down four years now
after heaven seen all they saw
its hard to imagine its hard to imagine


D B(?) A C
D B(?) A C
D B(?) A C


G  A  G  A

G                     A
things were different then
All is different Now
           A                G
I tried to explain    Somehow
G                     A
things were different then
all is different now 
           A                G
i tried to explain    somehow

thats about it.. the tape i got of this is from a boot
called "free world" and its not to great  a copy..
i cant understand a word eddie says in the second part
so i just wrote down what it sounded like
and im not sure about the B chord in the chorus.. that
would be why there is a question mark in front of it..
the absolute best thing to do is to listen to the song 
and play it the way you want to.. this is just my version