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Given To Fly Chords

This is my second chord... By Alejandro Maximo "Nano" from Chile...

Note: to easy learn of this song, learn the intro, part A and C is equal than it. 
A* is A variation of A.

 A* =    577655
 Asus =  000230
 Esus =  022200
 G# =    466544
 G7sus4 =353533 

intro: (A   D  A*  D ,  A  D  Asus  Esus ) X2
       (A*  A  D)X2

Part A: (repeats the intro)
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    A          D      A*    D     A    D  Asus Esus
 he could have turned in   turned in  but he   turned out
 A D   A*    D  A    D     Asus  Esus  (A*  A  D)X2
 a bad time, nothing could save  him
 A        D  A*  D     A         D     Asus  Esus
 alone in a  corridor, waiting, locked out   he got
 A      D   A*   D    	   A   D       Asus Esus   (A*  A  D)X2
 up out of their way, ran for hundreds of   miles
  A         D   A*    D         A     D     Asus  Esus
 he made it to the ocean, had a smoke and a tea
      A	   D    A*  D       A    D  Asus Esus    (A*  A  D)X4
 the wind rose up,  set him down on his  knees

Part B:
G#          A*              G#          A*
A wave came crashin' like a fist to the jaw
  G#            A*          G#       A*	    (A*  A  D)X2			 
delivered him.. wings high, look at him now
G#        A*            G#           A*
arms wide open with the sea as he's flung
G#   A*    G#    A*
oh   how...oooooohhhh


    G7sus4       G7sus4     G  D          G7sus4     G7sus4  G   D
he is...    flyin......... oooohhh....high........whyyy.... oooohhhh.....

Part C: (equal than the part A)

he floated back down cause he wanted to share
this key to the locks on the chains he saw everywhere

but first he was stripped, and then he was stabbed

by a faceless man, the fuckers
he still stands

Part D (equal than the part B)

and he still gives his love, he just gives it away
the love he receives is the love that is saved

and sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky