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Pearl Jam

   I didn't see this on the archive yet, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
The bridge is NOT here, but  the main riff and the chorus parts are 
pretty easy.  Feel free to tack on any other parts you've figured out.  
Q's/comments to Chad (

Verse Riff- let strings ring throughout.  Works best finger-style


Chorus (?)- Barre Chords
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 Am	 G5	C(5)	 B
e-5-	e--- 	e---	e---	
b-5-	b---	b(5)	b-4-
g-5-	g---	g-5-	g-4-
d-7-	d-5-	d-5-	d-4-
a-7-	a-5-	a-3-	a-2-
E-5-	E-3-	E---	E---

	Am	     G5    C5  	
I will walk with my hands bound
	Am	     G5   C5
I will walk with my face blood
	Am	      G5    C5
I will walk with my (something else)
    C         B		    To Riff 1      
Into your garden, garden of stone

Anybody knows the next part (the "I don't need what you have to give" part)
please tack it on.  

"Bye-Bye everybody!" - Dr. Nick Riviera