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Down Chords

Pearl Jam - Down


C G C G D x2
little thing between D and next G:

verse: (i play these open)

G     C         G       C   G       D
down, ah by the wayside, no getting out
   G     C        G    C      G      
Doh down, cry me a river dried up and dammed

chorus: (barred chords sound better here)
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A                B           C                      D
the names can be changed but the place is still the same
     D           D                  A             G
i am clothed and told that alls for now, holds me down


G     C         G      C    G        D
rise, life is a motion, i'm stuck in line
rise, you can't be neutral on a moving train
A               B               C                      D
the day the symptoms fade think i'll throw these pills away
   D        D                   A            G
if hope can flow from dirt like me it can be done

bridge: (open chords again)

E            A                 C
wont let the light escape from me   D
wont let the darkness swallow me,   yeah


ending: (single strums alternating beats)G  C  (repeat, end on G)