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This is a chord by Nano "maximo", email to

s : slide the finger

A: 003330
G: 320023
C: 032010
F: 133211
E: 022100
D: 000232
Esus: 002200
Asus: 000230
B: 224442
Badd9: 224422
C/G: 335553



  (A  G) X4       F   G C

A   G          
  Son, she said
A              G
  have I got a little story for you
A   G                         A     G
    What you thought was your daddy   was nothin' but a...
A   G                      A             G
    While you were sittin' home alone at age thirteen
A   G                   A    G
    Your real daddy was dyin'
                   F      G C
  sorry you didn't see him
          F             G C 
  but I'm glad we talked...

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(Chorus) :
   E    G      D          A
Oh I... ooooh, I'm still alive
     E  G      D          A
Hey, I, ooooh, I'm still alive
    E  G      D          A
Hey I, ooooh, I'm still alive
      E   G  A

A  G                   A
   Oh, she walks slowly,
A   G                    
   across a young man's room
A  G            A     G
   She said I'm ready...for you
A  G                A         G
   I can't remember anything to this very day
A  G              A  G
   'Cept the look,   the look...
    F             G C      F          G C
Oh, you know where,    now I can't see,  
I just stare...


(E G A) X4

A  Esus  Asus                    A  Esus  A
             Is something wrong, she said
                    A  Esus  Asus   
            Well of course there is 
                    A  Esus  Asus
You're still alive, she said
                        B  Badd9  C/G
Oh, and do I deserve to be
                  B  Badd9  B
Is that the question
         B  Badd9  B
And if so...if so.....who answers...who answers...


yea yea yea yea yea yea...