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Last Thing On My Mind Chords

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The other versions I have seen are close but apparently tabbed by non-sixty folkies.
The verse everyone has left out is the tongue -in-cheek reference to underground music, 
news, etc. of the era in which almost all folkies were performing the song.This verse
(verse 3) is in every version I have heard by Paxton.  Maybe I missed some versions 
where it was omitted by him.

This version of chords is actually the same finger-pick chords played by Paxton. 
If you are a strummer the C+9 won't sound right unless you mute a couple
of strings.  The G modal chord in the refrain is to pick up the g note on the first 
string while playing a c bass note on the 5th string.  When I get time, I will tab 
the entire finger-pick for the song.

	Last Thing on My Mind
	by Tom Paxton

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Verse 1:
       G         |C            |G       |G
It's a lesson too late for the learning,
|C      |G    |D       |G   |G
made of sand, made of sand.
       |G         |C             |G     |G
In the wink of an eye my soul is turning
|C      |G    |D      |G   |G
In your hand, in your hand.

        |D     |D          |C+9          |G
Are you going away with no word of farewell,
           |G       |G         |D    |D
Will there be not a trace left behind?
  |G                   |G               |C         |G modal
I could have loved you better, I didn't mean to be unkind
|G                    |D               |G
You know that was the last thing on my mind.

Verse 2:
You've got reasons aplenty for going,
This I know, this I know.
For the weeds have been steadily growing,
Please don't go, please don't go.

Repeat Refrain

Verse 3:
As we walk along my thoughts are tumbling, 
Round and round, round and round.
Underneath our feet the subway's rumbling,
It's underground, it's underground.

Repeat Refrain

Verse 4:
As I lie here in bed in the morning
without you, without you.
Every song in my breast dies a borning
without you, without you.

Repeat Refrain twice or until someone boos!

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