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Same Way Of Saying Chords

Real easy.

D A G D repeated throughout the song.

That's it. Lyrics:

Plugs without a socket
There's no moon without a rocket

Holes if you could lock it
I wouldn't let you if you wanted to
Court or you're bad
Bad when you're good
Close 'em off and let him go home

I never want to leave ya
But I wont want to grieve ya
When ya money come around I'll be home

No one gets to laugh at you

I know a bike with a plate
A special plate forgetting' me
Your home is not my home and your bone is not mine, no 
things that I could want and delay 

let's smoke some buds, Steve
let's smoke some buds come on
let's smoke some buds come on
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I'm hoping for somebody
Somebody who will love me
And I'm not sure that that's very ssss--hard to find
Cause I never really looked
I never really took
A second glance at something you said

I'm leaving on my fly you know
You know
No way I do
Oh leaving don't you know
Come on
Come on
Come on

(kinda feel like Husker Du on this one)

Buy me a postcard
Put it in the mail
Buy me a boat
And we'll set sail
Buy me a ship
It's just the same
Same way of saying the same thing

Oh, no one gets to lie
When it gets down too close to the
Nevermind, forget what I said
It meant nothing
To you or me, you or me

I met a man
A man who taught me something
Something about tying knots on a girl's forehead
I never learned
Cause I never had eight children
And I never wanted them

But now
Now I'm getting older
Maybe I'd like to fuck a woman and make one
I don't know if I should
Because I don't have a real steady job
Because I don't have a real special