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Out Of The Sinking Chords

Out of the Sinking 

E (1.) F#m 
Past midnight’s hold where the worlds awaiting 
I'll wait for your love 
Bsus4 B7 Asus4 A7 E 
But I close my eyes as there’s pain too in paradise 
And we pay our price 

C#m7 F#m7add4 
Hey baby say just what you’re thinking 
C#m7 F#m7add4 
Know I know it yeah feel I'm sinking 
C#m7 F#m7add4 
Know I feel it I know you feel it too 
Across the water there's a boat that 
will take us away 

D(1.)(sus 4), E X 2 
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D(2) A E(2) 
Is it shining for me 
D A E 
All I need it to be 
D A E 
But I can't find the key 
D A B 
The cue to make me believe... 

and there we will stay.... 
E | G maj7 A(1) | 
E | G maj7 A | .... 

Chords used: 

E(1) 0(11)999X Gmaj7 0(10)9777 
E (2) 022100 A(1) 577655 
D (1) 00(12)(11)(10)(10) A(2) X02220 
D (2) X00232 B 799977 
F#m 097900 
Bsus4 779977 
B7 797877 
Asus4 557755 
A7 575655 
C#m7 0(11)(11)900 
F#m7add4 044200